Loss of volume

Have you lost a lot of weight and your skin has started to sag? Is your face losing its former shape?

Regardless of the root cause, this unpleasant feeling has to do with the loss of facial muscle tone and volume.

The solution?  Non-surgical remodeling of the cheekbones, cheeks, and contours of the mouth!

To compensate for loss of skin volume, ILCO suggests:

Volume correction is the cornerstone of facial rejuvenation. Injecting a filler agent such as Hyaluronic acid can compensate some volume loss, due to aging or general weight loss. It restores its harmony and plenitude.

To find out more about Hyaluronic acid injections

Dr. Charbonneau and his team can help you!

All the conditions discussed here can be treated by laser interventions or otherwise at the Institut de laser cutané de l’Outaouais by Dr. Charbonneau, cosmetic dermatologist specialized in aesthetic medicine, and his authorized nursing personnel.

Let a leading dermatologist with a solid international reputation in the field of medical esthetics determine the perfect anti-aging treatment or treatments to bring your skin’s youthful appearance.