As you get older, you notice a loosening of the skin. Your cheeks and cheekbones sag. Your skin’s texture and appearance change. Wrinkles and fine lines appear as well as brown spots, reddening of the skin and other imperfections…

Good news: you can get your youthful relaxed look back thanks to non surgical procedures that slow down the aging process!

In the past, only surgery and dermabrasion could correct wrinkles. Today, there are a number of ways to correct skin imperfections and reduce the signs of aging without the need for surgery.

You are not condemned to sit idly by while your face ages irreparably, year after year.

L’Institut du laser cutané de l’Outaouais can help you.

Thanks to advances in the field of medical technology, the Institut du laser cutané de l’Outaouais located in the Gatineau-Ottawa region, can offer you a wide array of laser and non-laser treatments to enhance and rejuvenate you skin.

Not all treatments are equal. Only a dermatologist can create a treatment plan adapted to your skin and treat you properly, in perfect safety.

Once Dr. Charbonneau, specialist in cosmetic dermatology, has examined your skin, he will advise you on the treatment or combination of treatments that will revive your skin’s natural harmony and give your face back its youthful relaxed appearance.

Only a dermatologist can determine the type of intervention needed for your skin.

For every problem, we offer a solution!

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