Eye circles

Do you have dark circles under your eyes and no cream or other “miracle” product will erase them?

Whether they are brown, bluish or blackish, nobody wants to have circles under their eyes. All you want? To hide them in any way possible.

Circles are an obvious reflection of your active and intense life style… They make you look tired or sad.

Make bags and circles disappear and look refreshed once again!

That’s right! Cosmetic dermatology treatments can smooth and tone the eye contour in order to put that sparkle back in your eye.

To remove dark circles, ILCO proposes two solutions:

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a filler agent naturally present in the body. It maintains moisture levels by capturing water and holding it in the deep layers of the skin. In other words, it acts like a sponge. Often used in cosmetic medicine to restore volume to the face, its injection will reduce dark circles without surgery.

The Yag Q-Switched laser quickly reduces pigmented circles (dark, brown) caused by the accumulation of melanin below the lower eyelids. It enhances skin texture while erasing unsightly pigmentation under the eyes.

  •  Plasma (PSR)

Plasma (PSR) kills two birds with one stone by softening the colour of eye circles and reducing wrinkles on the lower eyelids. Recovery time: 1 week

Surgery is sometimes the only viable solution for bags under the eyes.