Don’t let acne ruin your life!

Nobody wants acne or its scars on his or her face or back.

Fortunately it is possible to undo its unsightly effects.

ILCO de Gatineau proposes the following:

Photodynamic therapy treats challenging cases of acne otherwise unresponsive to standard treatments such as creams, gels, medicated lotions, antibiotics, or Acutane.

What does the treatment involve?

Photodynamic therapy begins with microdermabrasion followed by a medicated treatment of Levulan or Metvix (generally covered by health insurance) that penetrates the skin for 1 to 3 hours. Once the medication has been absorbed by the skin, it is activated using a blue (Blu-U) or red (lumiphase) light.

For best results, expect 2 to 3 sessions, at 4-week intervals.