Stretch marks can appear at any time in life and afflict both men and women. They occur when the skin has been stretched beyond its natural elasticity. Such stretching ruptures the skin’s elastic fibers.

Scars, on the other hand, occur as the result of surgery, accidents, wounds, burns, or particular skin afflictions such as acne. For the most part, scars can be improved by laser treatment.

Thanks to laser treatment, you can get back a firm stomach and smooth skin.

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The V-beam pulsed dye laser is mostly used for scars or recent stretch marks. It targets vascular lesions accurately without damaging surrounding tissues. V-Beam laser treatment softens the skin, improves its texture, and reduces redness. It is especially effective on red or inflamed scars. For best results, scars or stretch marks should be treated three to four weeks after surgery or the accident. The V-Beam laser is also ideal for treating red stretch marks.

For moderate acne scars, the Fraxel re:store laser lessens the scar by resurfacing the skin. This type of laser emits thousands of small beams of thermal energy. The treatment eliminates the skin’s damaged cells and regenerates the collagen present in the dermis.

Fraxel Co2 laser reduces and lessens deeper acne scars.

Profractional laser treatment improves the skin’s overall appearance. It is used to treat fine lines, scars resulting from acne, and other conditions such as sun-damaged skin.

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The skin conditions described here can be treated for the most part by means of laser therapy or other techniques available at the Institut du laser cutané de l’Outaouais. Dr. Jacques Charbonneau, dermatologist specialized in cosmetic medicine, is assisted by a team of certified nurses.

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