For every problem, a technique…or a combination of techniques!

In cosmetic dermatology, as in any other domain, problems and conditions are dealt with using a variety of approaches, techniques, and treatments.

L’Institut du laser cutané de l’Outaouais, founded in 1996 by Dr. Charbonneau, a Canada-wide and internationally-renowned expert in cosmetic dermatology, has twenty-two laser and non-laser devices used to treat a variety skin problems.

Each device uses the most advanced technology available and, regardless of the recommended treatment or combination of treatments, Dr. Charbonneau and his team of registered nurses offer the best care available in the Gatineau-Ottawa region.

Some facts about laser technology

The word LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

The laser first appeared in 1960 and four years later, the first human skin-care trials were conducted.

Today, there are many types of laser devices, each with specific characteristics and intensity that target different cosmetic issues. Wave length, pulsating time, depth of penetration, and pulsation speed of the wavelength vary from one laser technology to the next.

The specialized team at the Institut du laser cutané de l’Outaouais uses different laser devices for different types of cosmetic dermatology treatments:

Non-laser treatments

To obtain the best results possible, Dr. Charbonneau may combine laser and non-laser treatments. As a physician specializing in cosmetic dermatology, he can best determine a safe combination of treatments that suit a specific condition or skin type.

Non-laser treatments available at ILCO are:

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